Solar Energy for Flowers

The sun has many functions. For my flowers, the sun gives them the nutrients they need to develop colorfully and bloom handsomely. Recently, I figured I would turn my dream of harnessing the sun’s energy for my shop into a reality and get a solar electric system. I am so glad that I did.

Running a flower shop is fun, but costly. My energy bills were hefty because of all the electricity needed to keep the flowers at the right temperature, moisture level, etc. Installing solar panels made sense for a lot of reasons. First, the upfront cost would pay for itself within five years. When I looked at how much I’d be saving upon installation (almost 80% of my current electricity costs), it made perfect sense to move forward. Next, the money I was saving on a monthly basis could be re-invested into the store, helping me expand my business. Being in Atlanta is great. However, I would love to expand to places like Las Vegas, NV, Miami, FL or Austin, TX. Solar panels might help make that happen.

Finally, installing solar panels helped me realize that I was in this for the long haul. It may not be a glamourous job, but I love working in a flower shop. Many times in life, business owners and everyday people hesitate to do things in the present because they are unsure of the eventual outcome. Subconsciously, though, some people are not fully committed to seeing their endeavor through. Sure, lack of money is another reason some people opt out of pursuing their dreams or passion. But, what it comes down to is whether or not a person sees their investment of time, energy, or money, as a good one. Because I value my shop and am committed to being the best florist I can be, I decided to invest in solar panels. Looking at my recent electric bills, I definitely made the right choice. If you are looking for a solar installer in your area, I’d love to share where I found mine. You can find them here.

St. Louis Limo Floral Anniversary

st. louis limo serviceDelivering flowers is a great gig that leads to some interesting conversations. One of my customers was buying flowers for an anniversary party and he mentioned that he rented a limo to take him and his wife to dinner that evening. That made me ask myself, “When is the last time you thought about renting a limo?”

If you are like me and not in high school, getting married or planning an epic celebration for a milestone birthday, then chances are it’s been a while. However if you want to rent a limo in St. Louis, my customer’s hometown, then you’re in luck.

Limos and party buses are becoming a cool way to get around town. Okay, I get it. It is not likely that you would rent a limo for a routine trip to the airport or across town. But, a lot of limo services in St. Louis, like, have designed amenities and packages that are sure to suit whatever reason you may decide to hitch a ride in style.

Still scratching your head, trying to find reasons to rent a limo? We have you covered! Limos are a great way to transport people for:

  • Bachelor or bachelorette parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Exclusive events such as private parties
  • Sporting events
  • Corporate meetings
  • Prom

If you can think of a reason, you can rent a limo. Weddings are a common reason for limo service, but some people are going against the grain by renting limos for divorce parties as well. No event is too small, apparently.

On of the biggest perks of limo service in St. Louis is getting driven around town with your friends or family without having to worry about assigning a designated driver or hailing a taxi at the end of the night. And, it’s just plain fun! You can get one with almost every accommodation imaginable such as strobe lights, fog machines, disco balls, flat screen televisions, karaoke machines, PlayStations, and more. You don’t even have to select a standard black limo since most companies have specialty styles on-hand for you to choose from.

When looking for a limo rental company, be sure to check their ratings and reviews. Most companies can be found on Yelp, Google or other popular websites and many have reviews on those sites as well. Even though customers are more likely to write a review to complain about, rather than compliment, the service, it is still a good idea to avoid companies with many negative reviews. Also, make sure the company you choose is fully licensed and insured. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Bottom line is you don’t need to be in high school to find a good-enough reason to rent a limo. Live a little! Rent a limo and have some fun today.

Hiring a Photographer?

Here are a few tips to follow while looking for a floral photographer:

photographer-floristGet local – starting out with wedding floral photographers!  You should be able to trade photography with nearby wedding photographers in turn for bridal referrals. Also, your photographer ought to be near you for shooting the designs fresh, particularly because you might like more sessions in the future.

Also take a look at different sites for photographer’s information including, Facebook or Elance. Ideally you’ll need a photographer that is experienced in taking product style shots. Just because the photographer you may already know takes beautiful wedding photographs, it doesn’t mean they are fantastic at capturing the best shots of your still flower designsfor your personal website.

Always ask to check out a portfolio – An experienced photographer will always possess a portfolio of their recent photos. Be sure to make an effort to check through each one carefully. Look at the portfolios in order to get a feel of how they shoot the goods and if that is the look you’re seeking with all your designs. Be sure the photographer understands your requirements. They should ask plenty of questions and understand precisely what you need, how many shots you need and where you are going to utilize these shots, is this only online or in print also. The are the types of questions they should be asking you.

Discuss Budget Upfront – Explain everything that you are looking for, the number of shots you want, what your brand and audience is along with what you would like to express in each shot. If you are both on the same page before the shoot, there will be no surprises to the photographer on what is expected and no surprises to you on the increase in cost because of changes. Tell the photographer your budget allowed before shooting so everybody is in agreement!

Hopefully this information comes in handy for your next session. If you feel like giving us praise then contact us here!

Choose The Best Boca Raton Cosmetic Surgeon

Hospice care facilities are not the only place that I deliver beautiful flowers to, although they are among my favorite. Because I deliver flowers to hospice care sites in one of the most populated cities in the U.S., I have a front row seat to how people respond to aging.  Lately, they have been responding by trying to slow the outward process through cosmetic surgery. People are undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction, nose reshaping and even breast augmentation.

Of course, I deliver flowers to patients who are in recovery from a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures. Usually, they do not stay overnight in a recovery center. However, there are times when that is the case and I am called on to deliver bouquets signaling well-wishes from family, friends and co-workers. This is a big departure from my other deliveries because these patients are often anxious to see what cosmetic surgery has done for them, whereas patients at the hospice care sites can be anxious for other health-related reasons.

Whether they had nose reshaping surgery or liposuction, the patients I deliver to are nervously awaiting the “big reveal.” Some of the best cosmetic surgery in the country can be found right here in Atlanta, I think. Although, through my floral business I have had to travel. As a result, I have dealt with a large amount of customers nationwide and, through casual conversation, I often learn that many of them have had some type of cosmetic surgery. I could never tell by looking at them because whomever performed their surgery did a great job!

For example, in Boca Raton, FL cosmetic surgery is a part of the lifestyle. Finding a cosmetic surgeon in Boca Raton is like finding palm trees in Florida. Funny story: I had a store in that area for years and much of my clientele requested flowers for patients who had recently undergone eyelid surgery. Apparently that was a very popular type of cosmetic surgery in the Boca Raton area. Because there were so many cosmetic surgeons to choose from, I always wondered what made a person decide to go with one over another. I asked one of my clients whom I was particularly close with how she made her final decision when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. She informed me that she had friends who had used her doctor and told me that he came highly recommended. As a result, she felt comfortable visiting his office and eventually choosing him as her cosmetic surgeon. She even gave me his contact information in case I ever wanted to call for a consultation. I declined but…you never know!


CNY Past Keynote Speaker Dr. Leopold

New York State-protected plant species: 

This presentation will briefly review the various categories of rare and state-protected plant species then talk about many dozens of state-protected ferns, orchids, wildflowers, shrubs, and trees that make interesting and exceptional choices for the landscape.LEOPOLD-obit-articleLarge

Choosing plant materials that will thrive in “difficult” sites has always been a struggle for landscape professionals. Fortunately, many native plants thrive in such settings and are often much better choices than common landscape plants that may require significant inputs of water, fertilizer and pesticides to survive these stressful conditions. In this presentation, Dr. Don Leopold, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, internationally renowned author of four books on native plants, and resident of Central New York will introduce you to native plants that thrive, and may actually survive only in the most inhospitable of conditions. Dr.  Leopold is no stranger to Central New York gardeners and nature lovers, especially since the publication in 2007 of his popular Native Plants of the Northeast: a Guide for Gardening and Conservation (Timber Press, Portland, Oregon).

“Pawpaws, shooting stars, and other terribly neglected native plants for the landscape”. This presentation will highlight some of the lesser known but truly extraordinary native ferns, grasses, wildflowers, shrubs, and trees. Some provide unique colors, textures, ecological function, and even exceptional food. Many of these species are also very well suited to unusual or difficult site conditions in the home and urban landscapes although most will perform very well under average conditions in central New York.

Dr Leopold is currently Chair of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Forestry at SUNY ESF, which he joined in 1985.  He has taught several thousand budding foresters and environmental scientists the secrets of wetland ecology and the mechanics of conservation and habitat restoration.  Along the way he has collected a page full of degrees, awards and commendations for research, for publications, and for expert assistance to habitat protection and restoration.

What makes Dr Leopold so very valuable to our community as a whole is his unflagging enthusiasm for New York’s natural treasures and the ability to share his experience and knowledge with all of us in a down-to-earth way.

Flowers to Hospice Care Atlanta

There are two things in this life I love: flowers and making people happy. It just so happens that I get to use flowers to make people happy pretty much every day of my life. As a florist, I put together beautiful arrangements for happy events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding. However, it is my work with Atlanta hospice care facilities that gives me a great deal of joy.

The hospice care facility that I deliver to here in Atlanta has patients who have routine visitors, such as family and friends. So, when a patient gets flowers, it brightens not only their day, but lifts the spirits of their family, friends and even the nursing staff. A little gesture like flowers can remind a hospice patient that there are people who love and care for them. People facing end-of-life challenges often appreciate little pick-me-ups just as much as someone receiving flowers on their birthday would.

I visit the front office staff when I make my deliveries to a hospice site or nursing home, so I have gotten to know them pretty well. They are always on their website ( or tending to some paperwork when I come in so my presence is a welcome distraction. Frequently, staff members have told me how much their patients enjoy the gift of flowers, which really brightens my day. Because we know how much flowers can mean to hospice patients and the nurses treating them, our flower shop will treat them to a single flower of their choice for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and on select holidays.

Facing end-of-life issues can present many challenges. That is why I try my best to bring a little sunshine in the form of a flower to Atlanta hospice care patients.

CNY Blooms is here to deliver

Welcome to the CNY, providing all things floral for your nearby medical or dental facility.

CNY Blooms is your go-to florist for special arrangement across the United States. We love flowers and we will continue to provide the warm and fresh feeling you get when a set is delivered. Floral arrangements can help set a more comforting tone within a hospital for those who are ill or in emotional distress.

We love our local health facilities and care about those they serve, which is why we dedicate our time to providing the most warm and heartfelt floral arrangements.

We absolutely love the smiles our flowers give others!