Flowers to Hospice Care Atlanta

There are two things in this life I love: flowers and making people happy. It just so happens that I get to use flowers to make people happy pretty much every day of my life. As a florist, I put together beautiful arrangements for happy events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding. However, it is my work with Atlanta hospice care facilities that gives me a great deal of joy.

The hospice care facility that I deliver to here in Atlanta has patients who have routine visitors, such as family and friends. So, when a patient gets flowers, it brightens not only their day, but lifts the spirits of their family, friends and even the nursing staff. A little gesture like flowers can remind a hospice patient that there are people who love and care for them. People facing end-of-life challenges often appreciate little pick-me-ups just as much as someone receiving flowers on their birthday would.

I visit the front office staff when I make my deliveries to a hospice site or nursing home, so I have gotten to know them pretty well. They are always on their website ( or tending to some paperwork when I come in so my presence is a welcome distraction. Frequently, staff members have told me how much their patients enjoy the gift of flowers, which really brightens my day. Because we know how much flowers can mean to hospice patients and the nurses treating them, our flower shop will treat them to a single flower of their choice for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and on select holidays.

Facing end-of-life issues can present many challenges. That is why I try my best to bring a little sunshine in the form of a flower to Atlanta hospice care patients.

CNY Blooms is here to deliver

Welcome to the CNY, providing all things floral for your nearby medical or dental facility.

CNY Blooms is your go-to florist for special arrangement across the United States. We love flowers and we will continue to provide the warm and fresh feeling you get when a set is delivered. Floral arrangements can help set a more comforting tone within a hospital for those who are ill or in emotional distress.

We love our local health facilities and care about those they serve, which is why we dedicate our time to providing the most warm and heartfelt floral arrangements.

We absolutely love the smiles our flowers give others!